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About Us

Master Plumbing of Tennessee was founded in Nashville, TN by Glenn Tice.


We are a mid-sized family owned company. Glenn runs all the plumbing and technicians out in the field. We have our own excavator and Glenn runs all the large exterior excavations jobs and large interior jobs.  We have technicians in the field to handle all of your everyday plumbing needs.

We care about all of our customers, we strive to give superior service combined with competitive pricing.  I always tell customers we are a mid range priced company. We don't compete with non-licensed plumbing prices which are the cheapest.  We carry all the proper licensing, we have a multi-million dollar insurance policy With over 30 years of plumbing experience, we desire to distinguish ourselves from our competitors in the plumbing industry, we stand out because of our passion for helping others within the area of our greatest expertise: plumbing.

We want to demonstrate to each client we serve that we are committed to fulfilling our mission to "Master their Plumbing" by resolving issues, educating to avoid future issues, and making a typically frustrating situation into a positive experience...all at an affordable price and in a timely fashion!

We truly value the opportunity to serve you as your plumber, both now and in the future.

Call to ask about our Free Estimates and give us the opportunity to have our motto come to life for you:

"Master plumbing. It's what we do."

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